Workbook for Practical Fireground Hydraulics



The “Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams” Workbook for Fire Ground Hydraulics is a workbook for further study in fire ground hydraulics related to the fire service. The “Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams” Workbook for Fire Ground Hydraulics is an additional resource of problems to practice the calculations of related problems that may be encountered on the incident scene.


Practical Fire Solutions presents “The Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams” Workbook for Fire Ground Hydraulics written by Robert Culbertson.


This workbook has easy-to-follow illustrated charts and tables that students need to solve the problems without having to resource separate manuals.


This workbook has 11 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), 15 total Pressure Losses (TPL), and 52 Pump Discharge Pressure (PDP), illustrating practical fire ground hydraulic problems. This total of 78 new, never before seen practical fire ground hydraulics problems. Actual problem illustrations in the book are black and white to keep the cost down for the fire personnel. Color Copies are available if you’d like them.


Each problem is worked out completely to show how the problem was worked out and the solution was resolved.


After solving the problems, the problem pages will flow (pictured above) with the book. This keeps the student from having to flip the book around while navigating the problems.


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